Banks Abuse and Control by Using Your Employer.

[See writers Jobs Bank Down the Page.] The banks not only allow creditors to have information regarding your credit record, which I suppose makes sense, but they also give information to potential employers. You need to realize, folks, that these credit companies could care less about the employers. This giving access to employers is all about controlling you. They want to control your credit behavior. These fascistic banks have accumulated so much power that any concept of privacy for the employee and borrower has been thrown out the window.

These same bankers who want this control also conspired to rip the American people off with liar loans and shoddy underwriting with the off balance banking established at Basel 2. See for more information on how the Western World financial system impacts behavior of our government and financial leaders. We now have one of the most oppressive and corrupt financial systems ever devised by mankind. We are oppressed, and the banks are at fault. Bank abuse has become a cloud of darkness upon the democracy of the United States!

But the banks are running scared, so if you are brave enough to do so you can step on the throats of the banking system perpetrators of fraud by walking away from crap loans and by pulling your business from these banks. You can bank with credit unions or keep your money in a jar. Anything that works to strangle the lifeblood of these predatory banks will help this country gain back sovereignty from this evil financial system which went even more corrupt at Basel 2 in 1998. See which is my site showing proof of the Basel 2 scam.

The fathers of the American revolution fought against the Bank of England and their oppressive practice. We now have more oppression than they could have even imagined. We need to carry on the revolution, albeit peacefully. We do not have to fire a shot to attack the banks at the root of their weakness, the need for deposits and obedient borrowers. That weakness is their strength only when we obey and lend to them through our deposits. You all need to realize that banks are borrowing when they use our deposits which they then leverage. You don't have to lend them your money! You don't have to pay back their crap loans.

We can reclaim our country but only if we hit the banks while they are scared. They have gouged us so deeply that they know they have overstepped. This knowledge is not based upon any moral conscience, but rather is a result of their little controlling system of credit ratings being tested likenever before. People don't care so much anymore about that system but rather must protect themselves from insolvency. We must deleverage. And that will help crush these banks and hopefully this system of control and deceit.

 Here is proof that the credit card companies and big banks are running scared: