It is my view that there needs to be a catalyst that helps the middle class regain its footing in America. I am rooting for the middle class. I am not, as you can see from, a fan of the banks and I hope we learn and never forget what they have done to our society. They are without moral compass, and they knew they were issuing unsustainable, toxic loans to folks who could never pay them off.

So, it is necessary to remember and then to move on. People need to be really careful where they put their money, and what they purchase, and how they fashion their budgets in this time of abuse of fiat money. I read somewhere that the US has only 10 percent of money in the form of currency, the rest being in existance only on balance sheets of financial institutions. Not only is our currency not backed by gold, but it isn't even backed by a piece of paper!

So, I don't trust the banks. I still don't trust the banks. I say to all, proceed with caution. Who knows what the credit landscape will look like in the near future. Who knows what the banks or the currency will look like in the futures.

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