Walletpop Has Immortalized Me

Actually, this was just a minor article on www.Walletpop.com. But it was written by their editor, Zac Bissonette. Seems that Zac, a wet behind the ears, if intelligent, journalist from Boston, has gotten ahold of www.dontpaycreditcards.com and has written an article condemning this site.  In the article, Zac accuses someone calling himself Gary Anderson (but wait, I am Gary Anderson) of writing the dumbest website he has ever seen in his whole life. Yeah!!

But what Zac doesn't understand is that we are headed for perhaps a major depression. I hope it isn't so, but if it is, people must walk away from debt. Since this article was published, I wonder if Zac got the message from President Obama. Obama has said in June 2010 that the US consumer can no longer be the consumer of last resort for the world. Indeed, that is my message, that the ponzi housing and usurious credit card scams of the international bankers has put the US consumer in grave jeopardy. I have been yelling at the top of my lungs that the wankers in the White House bail out the average citizens, not the big banks. But it is too late for that.

However, what Obama has said is true, that the excess production of the world can no longer be absorbed by the American consumer. And, by the way, there is no consumer to take his place. Of course, the moneyed elite are hoping for China to replace the US consumer. That would result in two positives for the greedy bankers. First, US credit card companies could make a killing. Second, there would be an escape from a worldwide major recession or depression. However, China would be better off keeping her citizens from the same trap as has befallen the US. Credit card debt is a trap. In China, it would be a go-to-jail-do-not-pass-go trap.

So, until knew technology or a massive war come along, we are facing slow economic times. So, you see Zac, that the US consumer actually has to walk away from debt. You cannot enter a massive recession over leveraged. And in fact, you need to unload all that leverage.

Here is what you said about the movement to walk away from credit cards:

All in all, this emerging "Don't pay your credit cards" movement is the dumbest pseudo-protest in history, and consumers would do well to ignore it.

Sometimes you have to admit it: The banks have you, and the best thing to do is pay up as soon as you can and then never make the mistake of carrying a balance on a credit card again.

  But Zac, perhaps my website is not the dumbest website you have ever seen. Perhaps, Zac, while you are no doubt making a name for yourself in the financial world by giving advice and even gaining readership by profiting off the travails of others, I want people to be free of those travails. Zac, when you say that the banks have you, and have taken you prisoner, I say no. I say you must be the best friend of these banks Zac. Are you selling your soul to the devil Zac? Well, if you want to be a journalist mainstream in this age you no doubt sold it off a long time ago.